Who threatens summer impotence

In August, believed to be a sexual relationship of couples in force immediately many circumstances gain a second wind. Helps him cialis. But be careful! Experts warn that sex in this time of year can be fraught with trouble, especially for men.

Researchers at the State clinic in Boston came to the conclusion that in August, sexual relations become more intense. Affects the abundance of fortified foods, fresh vegetables and herbs, and saturation of the body with vitamin D, which is formed due to the sunlight. Many people testosterone, the main hormone of sexual energy in August significantly increased, which increases sexual desire.

But here’s the paradox: summer is getting more and more complaints about the quality of sex from men. And young and blooming. Representatives of the stronger sex, as it turns out, leads erection. Among physicians this phenomenon is so called: “summer impotence”.

Causes of impotence summer

According to experts of the Medical Society of Boston cases of erectile dysfunction due in the summer, no matter how trivial, bad habits. In the summer months, men significantly more than usual, drink alcohol and cannabis. And no matter how much was said about the fact that these substances help to relax and easier to “get in touch”, doctors stubbornly insist that it is the alcohol and canabia hurt men’s erections. In order to calm down and feel pleasant emotions, you need a very small amount of the same alcohol, explain the experts. Men often do not comply with this rule, using more than. Meanwhile, alcohol and inabiity “doping” slows reflexes and processes of the nervous system responsible for arousal. Men can feel desire, but their erection is poor.

Do not neglect factors such as hot weather. Sex sultry summer night when the air low oxygen, can have unintended sad consequences for health, and it is necessary to consider not only men but also women.

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