How to sleep during pregnancy?

In the initial stages of pregnancy women often have sleepiness, is associated with changes in hormonal levels.

If a woman during pregnancy will go on about the body this can further lead to sleep disturbance. Usually physiological sleepiness occurs in the third month of pregnancy. According to this third month you need to follow a certain sleep mode. Getting up early, and for body toning drink a Cup of green tea or take a contrast shower.

When the stomach begins to grow, women have more trouble sleeping. Growing belly getting in the way comfortable to lie down, not allowed to sleep frequent urge to the toilet, sometimes disturbing convulsions. These problems interfere with the sleep of the expectant mother, but the need to relax mandatory during this period. This is necessary to correctly treat the problem of relaxation of a pregnant woman.

How do you need to sleep during pregnancy?

In order to prepare for bed, will have to try:

  • The first is to abandon sleep, it is better to replace walks down the street to get some fresh air.
  • Good effect on the pregnant woman’s body is water. As the warm bath is undesirable, swimming will be just right, it is allowed even in the last stages.
  • Hypnotics and sedatives should not be used, can only be glycine, but should not be abused. Better to use soothing teas, warm milk with honey, fresh juices.
  • It is no secret that there is bad at night, and especially for pregnant women. To eat better a few hours before sleeping, the meal should be easy.
  • Good sleep promotes aromatherapy, it will calm and help you sleep. Expectant mothers often dream bad dreams, so the brain subconsciously reacts to fear of childbirth. In order to avoid this should be put in a bed pillow from herbs that have a calming effect, it can be chamomile, Bay leaf, pine needles, rose petals.

The premises also need to prepare for sleep. It should be well ventilated. Sleep essential pillows (to put them in the side, the neck and between the legs). Nightwear should be made of natural fabrics and loose, but it should not be of enormous size that would not become entangled in it.

Observing all these rules, you will be able to have good sleep the whole pregnancy. As well vysypany expectant mother will not have the fatigue, bad mood and irritability, which is so important in this period.

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