TV makes kids fat and naughty

To seat the child in front of the TV is very easy and convenient way for parents to get rid of his child for a while. But do not forget about the dangers facing children, conducting too much time in front of the “box”. Researchers from the US found that children who are allowed to watch television more than two hours a day, are more prone to obesity and also they have problems with behavior.

American scientists came to the conclusion that children a long time watching TV, the worse the behavior and social adaptation. When children watch TV, explained psychologist Clara Weidman (Carla Weidman) from the children’s hospital of Pittsburgh, they do not participate in children’s games, is very important for child development. They also rarely communicate with their peers, and they are more difficult to resolve a conflict situation, because their social skills leave much to be desired. Some parents reassure ourselves that on the TV show useful and educational program that will teach your child a lot of useful things. However, it has been proved that the effect of such programming without the intervention of parents is very low.

The average modern child spends 45 a week in front of a TV, computer or games console. It is stated in the report, researchers from the Us national institutes of health, Yale University and the Medical center from California. Scientists have processed the data 173 works that have studied the impact of media on children, and concluded that the abuse of television and other media leads, among other factors, to obesity, Smoking, drug addiction, alcoholism, poor education, sexual disorders and problems with attention.

The problems associated with television occur in children at an early age. Have five children watching TV more than two hours a day, there are problems with behavior. These children are twice more aggressive, researchers say. 20% of young Americans from 2,700 families watch TV two hours a day and more, and 40% of children have a TV. Clara Weidman argues that children in this regard, disturbed sleep, and the parents cannot control what their children watch in their rooms. “Take the TV out of the nursery. Don’t let your children decide what they watch, and try to be present when children from viewing television programs. You should know what your children are watching Also, do not let children watch TV while eating,” – she advises.

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