The child needs to be wanted

Therefore, if a 17-year-old girl feels its readiness to become a mother, if she is able to take responsibility for his destiny, no one can deny her that. In comparison to previous generations, today’s young people much earlier reaches maturity in all respects.

The parents should be ready within the first two to three years to sacrifice everything for her baby. With the birth of a child they have to give up a lot: freedom, entertainment, long-distance travels, many of the desires that are now impossible to implement since it is necessary to take care of a new family member. Their love, material resources, living space and time should now rightfully belong to the child. If they both want a baby, it will be much easier to perform their duties than in the case when he appears to them as a surprise or not desirable.

At what age to give birth?

According to our statistics, only 69.2% of the first-born is born by the parents, and 30,8% — unplanned. If we consider all cases of abortion, the number of unplanned children would be approximately 65%.

Family planning or the planning of when to be born first child, what should be the age difference between children, how many children to have, is one of the main factors of stability of the family.


The optimal age for first pregnancy from 20 to 27 years. So the couple later married, in any case should not postpone the birth of their first child.

In our time, when the requirements for living standards far too high, many couples (unfortunately, even not so young) are not in a hurry to have a baby. But with age, health, alas, is not getting bigger. On the contrary, the quality of sperm in men is deteriorating, and the woman has “aged” significantly reduced fertility, in this regard, it will be difficult to carry and give birth to a healthy baby. This problem is especially actual for inhabitants of large cities, where environmental and psychological situation of the poor.

That is why a child should be wanted and born on time. Don’t delay this important decision “for later” because “later” may be too late. If you have matured and feel ready to be a mother, if you have the man you want to have a baby to give birth. Believe me, you will not regret it, because a beloved child is a great happiness!

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