Swaddling a newborn

Listening to all the advice, young parents, with all my heart wishing the best for their child, refuse from the cradle. Buy them no more than 10 pieces and used as a bed sheet, put the pesky grandmothers who are all the time trying to diaper the baby that swaddling newborns forever obsolete. A grandmother’s lament, scold foolish young and say that they’re torturing the child. Who is right here?

To understand this seemingly obvious question, let’s go back to the beginning of beginnings, the time when the baby was still in my mom’s belly.

Today there are many books and magazine articles telling about the life of a baby before birth, and for anybody not a secret that in utero the child sees, hears, feels, smells and tastes. All this means that the baby even before birth develops his experience and his relationship to the world.

One of the first sensations of a child are tactile, i.e., touch feel. In the early period of pregnancy (before 16 to 20 weeks) the fetus floats freely in the amniotic fluid. It almost does not concern walls of the uterus and freely “floating” in its entirety. But gradually, as the infant grows, the uterus becomes cramped. Bumping into its walls, he feels their boundaries, but sees this change not as a narrowing of the surrounding space, but as the first information about the shape of his own body.

From about 34 weeks significantly increased intrauterine fetus takes up all the space. He is literally clothed in the tissue of the uterus. Through the sense of touch and tactile sensations, the baby gets an idea of their body shape, which is identical to the shape of the uterus. Thus towards the end of pregnancy the baby develops in utero experience, according to which he feels himself like a ball, or rather, avoid (i.e. a body with an ovoid shape).

It is very important that, forced posture and limited in the movements are not for a baby inconvenience. On the contrary, the baby in the last months of development, there is a habit to the confined space and distinctive posture, due to the shape of the uterus, is curled up, tightly pressing his chin to his chest, folded my pen between his legs and the legs bent at the knees. And that’s the position he feels convenient and comfortable and safe.

But then came the birth and the baby was born of God. All around it was changed from complete darkness he was in bright light and from a limited volume close to the immense space. To understand the feelings of the kid, let’s try to imagine how would you feel if three months spent squatting in a small, dark box at the bottom of the dungeon, and then you suddenly brought out of the bustling city on a bright Sunny day and persistently offered to an easy relaxed gait. I think you would have experienced feelings that can hardly be called positive: your eyes are blinded by bright light, it is impossible to straighten, the legs do not move – all of it brings pain and shock.

A newborn child experiences something similar and in the same way as an adult in the situation described above, needs a gradual adaptation to historical change.

To keep the baby a positive attitude to the new world, in which he was need to return him something familiar that he had was the awareness of their body shape.

The kid floundered in this immense space and were not put off it, need a common, traditional diaper, help him to regain irretrievably lost “Paradise” and his own self

As soon as the newborn splineway, giving it a fetal position, he immediately calms down. As you now understand the reason of it. After all, with this position are related to the feeling of comfort and security. Our wise grandmother knew the experiences of the newborn infant and, therefore, who invented the swaddle, as a means of easing the transition from one habitat to another.

Since then much has changed, but the method of birth remained the same, therefore, the swaddling should continue to use. And do not be afraid that this will limit the child’s development. First newborn immediately calmed down as soon as they are wrapped in a blanket, feeling the usual limited amount. After 4-5 days they start to pull out of the diaper pen, trying to suck them. This is the next stage, when the baby seeks to reconstruct a complete picture of fetal life (prenatal child sucking her finger or Cam with about 16 weeks of pregnancy).

Therefore, you should not regard the release of the baby pens as the desire to get rid of the diaper. A few days later, about two or three weeks, the baby will show interest in the surrounding world: to begin to consider the room, the faces of the people around him, and various objects caught in his field of vision. Then he will really start to seek the release of the cradle arms, and for any loving and responsive mother it will be a clear signal to stop to swaddle the baby with handles.

Many kids are willing to sleep swaddled up to 2 months. This is usually associated with the difficulties of birth, if it was transferred as a severe injury. In this case, the kids just can’t accept the new reality, and then it is best to give the baby an opportunity to gradually settle in the new world, as soon as the kid can do it yourself. In this case, the crossing event can bring much more harm than good.

So swaddle newborns as long as they will not wish to leave the cradle. In this case, there will be a gradual habituation to the new conditions of life and mentality of the child will not suffer.

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