Psychological causes of infertility

Doctors have long known that strong emotions are able to disrupt the reproductive system up to its full “stop”. There are even phenomena such as the temporary cessation of menstruation during military operations, stressful ovarian dysfunction, psychogenic infertility. So life under constant pressure may indeed lead to the fact that the woman cannot become pregnant.

And no matter what the voltage is. It can be crazy busy at work and life in a difficult home environment, and experiences due to a loved one, and even a huge desire to have a child. Indeed obsession, on which the “strung” every day becomes a heavy stress.

Awareness of their own childlessness, and of inferiority, in itself, is a powerful stress. It poisons the joy of life that only exacerbates the problem. Therefore, if the failure lasts for a year, two, three, and stress is increasing, it is important to find professionals who will help to resolve the situation.

On a physiological level, long-term stress affects the activities of all organs and systems, including those that are responsible for procreation. Under the influence of stress weakens the immune system, reducing the mobility of the fallopian tubes, changes occur in the ovaries and the cervix. Affected and higher centers of the brain, which causes a hormonal shifts, sharply reducing the likelihood of conception. These changes are virtually impossible or very difficult to install.

Solutions to problems

The psychological factor is perhaps the most difficult struggle with infertility. Most often it manifests itself at the business women’s intellectual and creative professions after 30-35 years.

Even with right drug and physiotherapy treatment to cope with PTSD is not always possible. Not to mention the fact that to recognize the psychological factor when in General a good environment is possible only if trust contact women with your doctor, a specialist in infertility and experienced psychologist.

In the absence of effect from conservative therapy to really take advantage of the “roundabout” way. It is a modern methods of infertility treatment – IVF and ICSI. In many cases they are effective and can quickly lead to the birth of the child. Only they must be preceded by a thorough examination of the couple.

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