Parents with mental disabilities children more autism

Researchers have found a link between autism in children and mental illness in their parents. They suggest that among these parents are twice as likely to meet mentally ill children. Researchers from the University of North Carolina, USA, were examined 30,000 children and found that the likelihood of autism in children is much greater if their parents suffer from schizophrenia, suffer from depression or other mental disorders.

This discovery led scientists to the idea that mental disorders and autism have common causes and genetic basis. Under the leadership of Julia, girls (Julie Daniels) examined 1237 children diagnosed with autism under the age of 10 years. The data of the parents of these children were compared with parents of healthy children 30925. The diagnosis of schizophrenia in parents of children with autism, is found in 2 times more often than in the control group. And depression and personality disorders are more common among mothers of patients with autism children compared with their fathers.

Scientists have confirmed the results of other studies, where it is also proved that autism is associated with heredity – if one of odejayi twins diagnosed with autism, and the second is the risk of developing this disease is very high. Autism occurs in 1% of children, while boys are more prone to this disease. This discovery will help doctors better understand the mental disorders that underlie the development of autism.

Doctor, girls, Professor, School of Sociology and Epidemiology from the Department of health for mother and child (UNC School of Public Health”s epidemiology and maternal and child health departments), believes that autism involves a wide range of mental disorders, each of which occurs for different reasons. The study of these disorders will help scientists develop more effective treatment of the disease.

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