The child needs to be wanted

Therefore, if a 17-year-old girl feels its readiness to become a mother, if she is able to take responsibility for his destiny, no one can deny her that. In comparison to previous generations, today’s young people much earlier reaches maturity in all respects. (more…)

Psychological causes of infertility

Doctors have long known that strong emotions are able to disrupt the reproductive system up to its full “stop”. There are even phenomena such as the temporary cessation of menstruation during military operations, stressful ovarian dysfunction, psychogenic infertility. So life under constant pressure may indeed lead to the fact that the woman cannot become pregnant. (more…)

Proper breathing during childbirth – minimum pain

In the first (latent, or latent) phase of labor, contractions are not very painful. Many women in this period of calm to do daily chores. Special breathing, as a rule, is not required. In this phase, the cervix is preparing for childbirth and begins to unfold. (more…)

Care for the newborn and infant (advice to parents)

In the care of the child, it is first necessary to observe cleanliness. The net must be a child, his linen, bedding, dishes, toys. You need to carefully clean the room where the child is.

This is because around us – the air we breathe, the dust rising from the ground, not boiled water, on all objects, which we use, is a huge number of microbes. (more…)

Focus China: the education of a second child — “sweet burden” of motherhood in China

In 2016, China abolished the policy of “one family, one child”, many Chinese women decided to have a second child. However, many of them realized that the education of the second child turns into the “sweet burden” as with the birth of the second child, they face a number of challenges in the field of medical services, education and career. (more…)

Commerce or help childless: a regulated surrogacy

Somewhere staff members conducting such operations, the jail, and where the citizenship of the surrogate mother gives the child the right to obtain a passport of another country (more…)

Breastfeeding is sweeping the planet

Mother’s milk contributes to the harmonious development of the baby, providing the body a complete vitamin-mineral complex protects against pathogenic substances, forming and strengthening the immune system. Finally, thanks to the breastfeeding mother and child strengthen the invisible bond with each other. And non-verbal and tactile communication is very important for baby at this stage of development. (more…)

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a breast pump?

The problem of breast pump most moms face is still in the hospital: the milk arrives, the chest is full, painful, swollen, fever. To avoid mastitis and lactostasis will help expressing milk. However, pumping milk using hand – quite time-consuming and painful process, which many refuse. There are many reasons why manual pumping goes by the wayside and before nursing mom there is a question of purchase of the pump. Than to guide his choice? (more…)