Is it difficult for a child to lose weight?

According to statistics, more than 34% of American children suffer from obesity. Thus, the researchers note, the obesity epidemic continues to embrace the American nation.

A group of scientists from Medical school at Washington University in Saint Louis has shown that children who managed to reduce weight in the result of any program of support, can not cope with the retention of the obtained results in the future. (more…)

Autism can now be detected even at the six-month children

In the last 25 years there has been an increase in the number of children who have autism is diagnosed, the disease, whose causes are still unclear. A new method for the recognition of this disease allows to detect it much earlier, respectively, before you can start treatment. (more…)

To influence children, parents resorted to lies

Many parents say that the best policy in the education of children is honesty. Nevertheless, regularly resort to lies, to exert influence on the behavior and emotions of their offspring. The parents are able to scare their children invented various troubles that happen to them or children themselves, if the children do not behave in the desired way. (more…)

The disease affects the psyche of the parents

Caring for a sick child has a profound impact on physical and mental health of parents. They are also often forced to skip work. The diverse influence of the presence of disease in a child by parents was studied in the work “the Impact of restricted activity in children to physical and mental health of parents and the amount of time off work in the United States.” Work conducted by researchers from the University of Wisconsin, was published in the journal Academic Pediatrics today. (more…)

Are there problems in children born after stillborn?

There is no evidence that physical and mental health of children born after stillborn, are at greater risk than the health of children whose mothers did not lose a child. This was stated by scientists from the University of London, England. However, they confirmed the existence of certain problems in the relations of the mother with the child. The results were published in the journal of child psychology and psychiatry. (more…)

How to make the child eat everything?

How often parents have to deal with the whims of children during attempts to feed them something useful! However, you should not give up too soon. Parents should know that children differently perceive the taste of food than adults. According to experts from the Medical College Baylor in Houston, children should be introduced to a variety of foods as soon as possible, because it helps them “taste” different products. (more…)

TV makes kids fat and naughty

To seat the child in front of the TV is very easy and convenient way for parents to get rid of his child for a while. But do not forget about the dangers facing children, conducting too much time in front of the “box”. Researchers from the US found that children who are allowed to watch television more than two hours a day, are more prone to obesity and also they have problems with behavior. (more…)

Saved from food poisoning while breastfeeding

During breastfeeding the majority of women adhere to a diet but occasionally indulge in foods that are not strong allergens. Here in this hidden pitfall. Digestive system mothers who chose breastfeeding, already so estranged from the prohibited food that he considers it unsuitable. (more…)

Swaddling a newborn

Listening to all the advice, young parents, with all my heart wishing the best for their child, refuse from the cradle. Buy them no more than 10 pieces and used as a bed sheet, put the pesky grandmothers who are all the time trying to diaper the baby that swaddling newborns forever obsolete. A grandmother’s lament, scold foolish young and say that they’re torturing the child. Who is right here? (more…)

How to sleep during pregnancy?

In the initial stages of pregnancy women often have sleepiness, is associated with changes in hormonal levels.

If a woman during pregnancy will go on about the body this can further lead to sleep disturbance. Usually physiological sleepiness occurs in the third month of pregnancy. According to this third month you need to follow a certain sleep mode. Getting up early, and for body toning drink a Cup of green tea or take a contrast shower. (more…)