Obesity in kids is a problem of education

American researchers claim that the problem of excess weight in a child can be overcome by the right approach on the part of parents in the matter of education. It is important to teach children to eat right, create all the conditions for regular use of wholesome food, and to accustom him to regular physical activity.

While this position is very effective, there is also an additional approach to reduce the risk of obesity in child – positive parenting, kindness, and respect to the baby from an early age. This is reported by scientists from the University of temple, USA. The results of the analysis were published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect.

“This study is the first of its kind, identifying the main causes of obesity among children, as well as the most influential ways of its prevention”, – said Dr. Robert Whitaker (Robert Whitaker). – “In the previous analyses were identified such a cause of obesity as the mistreatment of a child, and how this problem affects the human condition in adulthood”.

Among the main reasons of obesity development in children scholars have identified insufficient attention of parents to the quality and quantity of food that uses child. Also, a possible cause can be attributed to the irregular visits to the doctor in case of need, and finding the boy home alone without proper supervision of parents.

According to the results of the analysis, 50% of children suffering from obesity, always felt the neglect from parents and relatives. Thus, the fight against obesity must begin with the moment of birth of the child, experts say.

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