Is it difficult for a child to lose weight?

According to statistics, more than 34% of American children suffer from obesity. Thus, the researchers note, the obesity epidemic continues to embrace the American nation.

A group of scientists from Medical school at Washington University in Saint Louis has shown that children who managed to reduce weight in the result of any program of support, can not cope with the retention of the obtained results in the future.

This study involved 150 children aged 7 to 12 years old who suffered from excessive weight. Science project, according to scientists, is aimed at identifying the effectiveness of weight reduction among children in the projection at the time.

One of the major goals of the work was the search of the answer to many parents question: can children whose weight is beyond the norm, to feel comfortable among their peers, maintain an equally active lifestyle, the child’s innate.

According to Dr. Dennis Wilfy (Denise Wilfey), numerous studies show that adult easier to lose weight than to save the result. This analysis shows that children faced with the same problem.

The study involved children, the average weight of which exceeded the norm by 65%. After a five-month course weight loss, which was involved not only children but also their parents, the young participants managed to lose 11% of their former weight.

After achieving success, the children were divided into three groups. The first group did not receive any instructions for the maintenance of normal body weight. The second group was supervised by specialists, and in the third children was a constant communication and an active lifestyle. After a year, researchers found that in the first group of children re-gained the lost weight.

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