Impotence cream instead of “blue” tablets

British man suffering from “delicate” health disorder, will be the first who will be able to solve the problem of impotence with the help of new tools, reports Special cream causes erection within 5 minutes after application.

When the initial enthusiasm about oral medications that restore the ability of men to have an erection, it turned out that they do not help everyone and also have side effects.
Scientists from leading pharmaceutical companies in USA and Europe almost simultaneously realized that the solution was to create the means for local application, because it will dramatically reduce the manifestation of side effects.

Scientists from different countries have chosen different ways to achieve this goal.
In the USA employees of a pharmaceutical company Strategic Science and Technologies (SST) has developed a cream for “rubbing” in the penis which contains the same sildenafil, which is the main component of the “Blues” pills viagra.

In the UK approved for erectile dysfunction cream Vitaros, the active ingredient of which is another drug, alprostadil.

Alprostadil has been used before to treat impotence, but in a rather “barbaric” form of the sexual act the man was to inject the drug into the penis with a syringe is severely limiting the use of alprostadila, because not every representative of the stronger sex wants to do it in romantic moments.

Cream alprostadilom greatly simplified the task: it is enough to squeeze out the contents of a tiny disposable tube on manhood and RUB it.

The cream provides the appearance of an erection in 5-30 minutes.
Buy “magic ointment” will be available only by prescription.

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