If the parents smoke, the child will suffer from allergies

How passive Smoking can affect the health of your baby? Scientists say that, living in the family Smoking parents, the child is in danger of showing signs of Allergy, which may worsen in the future.

Recently announced by researchers from the Karolinska Institute (Karolinska Institute) in Stockholm, Sweden. The findings are based on a large study that involved more than four thousand families. Parents were invited to participate in a survey to determine the state of health of their children at the age of two months, one, two and four years. In addition to the survey was taken more than 2,500 blood tests for children to identify the content of immunoglobulin E, a substance that is released by the immune system in response to the manifestation of Allergy. High level of immunoglobulin E in the blood signals the presence of allergies.

Among the participants of this study about 8% of mothers smoked during pregnancy. 12% of pregnant women smoked partially for nine months of carrying a child. However, scientists have not found any relationship between Smoking during pregnancy and the emergence of Allergy in the unborn child.

At the same time, more than 20% of parents of newborns were Smoking after the baby is born that you put my children to passive Smoking. In General, about 25% of children suffering from allergies at the age of four years, 15% of them were exposed to dangerous action of inhaled allergens, 16% suffered from allergies to some types of foods, 7% of children were diagnosed with complex allergies.

The results of the analysis showed that children who were exposed to passive Smoking in infancy, are at risk of occurrence of allergies. In quantitative terms, this danger is increased by two times compared to those children whose parents do not smoke, experts say.

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