How to make the child eat everything?

How often parents have to deal with the whims of children during attempts to feed them something useful! However, you should not give up too soon. Parents should know that children differently perceive the taste of food than adults. According to experts from the Medical College Baylor in Houston, children should be introduced to a variety of foods as soon as possible, because it helps them “taste” different products.

Often children refuse to offer them adult food because they differently perceive its taste. “Children have very sensitive taste buds, and they feel a taste of what we can perceive as smell,” – said the dietician Roberta Anding (Roberta Anding) of the Children’s hospital of Texas. Some food has a much sharper taste than for adults. Therefore, experts say, children should give try more variety of foods in early childhood. “Early imprinting will help to develop their palate,” says Anding.

Parents should not give up if the child refused to try the product after one or two attempts to feed him. You may need more than a dozen such attempts before a child will taste the dish. However, the baby should not be forced to eat forcibly, because this may avert it from this food, and in the future will be even less likely to teach it to her. “Ask the children just to take a bite and try out the food. Offer him the same product when the baby is hungry”, says Anding.

Since 80% of taste sensation causes the odor, raw vegetables can be more suitable for children than cooked, because their smell is not so sharp. A good idea is also to involve children in the cooking process. However, experts do not approve of the old proven method – mix fruits and vegetables with different sauces and seasonings that are usually harmful to health. This greatly reduces the nutritional properties of products. Encouraging the child’s food, such as candy, are also not welcomed by specialists. This raises the status of certain foods, and makes it more preferable for children. “Remember that how parents react to food, has a great influence on children. So, if you crevices at the sight of certain dishes, children can follow your example”, – experts say.

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