How to feed a baby on demand or by time

Regular short breast-feeding is best for baby, according to British researchers. The who recommends every child up to 6 months be fed milk on demand, but only 1 out of 4 women in Britain adopted that recommendation.

Scientists note that when feeding the baby on demand, poor weight gain quite often. Of the 63 mothers who participated in the study, half fed the baby at the first signs of his discontent, the other fed the children a maximum of 10 minutes each breast every 3 hours during the day and, if necessary, at night. The interval between feedings in the second group were not to exceed 2 hours.

After 12 weeks in the first group breastfed was less than half of the children, and in the second group more than 3/4. But poor weight gain was observed in both groups with 6 to 8 week of life. Scientists came to the conclusion that feeding on demand reduces the production of mother’s milk.

Production of milk depends on the hormone oxytocin. If the child is too long suckles, the mother breaks down the process of production of this hormone. When feeding two Breasts baby get more milk than when feeding by only one breast. Therefore, the duration of feeding less, and experience shows a good increase in weight and other advantages.

But many scientists disagree with this opinion and continues to believe that a child knows best how much and when to eat. It is impossible to generalize in such a delicate matter as breastfeeding a baby. Baby has received enough milk, will simply cease to continue to suck.

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