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Parents with mental disabilities children more autism

Researchers have found a link between autism in children and mental illness in their parents. They suggest that among these parents are twice as likely to meet mentally ill children. Researchers from the University of North Carolina, USA, were examined 30,000 children and found that the likelihood of autism in children is much greater if […]

Impotence cream instead of “blue” tablets

British man suffering from “delicate” health disorder, will be the first who will be able to solve the problem of impotence with the help of new tools, reports Special cream causes erection within 5 minutes after application. When the initial enthusiasm about oral medications that restore the ability of men to have an erection, […]

Autism can now be detected even at the six-month children

In the last 25 years there has been an increase in the number of children who have autism is diagnosed, the disease, whose causes are still unclear. A new method for the recognition of this disease allows to detect it much earlier, respectively, before you can start treatment.

To influence children, parents resorted to lies

Many parents say that the best policy in the education of children is honesty. Nevertheless, regularly resort to lies, to exert influence on the behavior and emotions of their offspring. The parents are able to scare their children invented various troubles that happen to them or children themselves, if the children do not behave in […]

The disease affects the psyche of the parents

Caring for a sick child has a profound impact on physical and mental health of parents. They are also often forced to skip work. The diverse influence of the presence of disease in a child by parents was studied in the work “the Impact of restricted activity in children to physical and mental health of […]

Are there problems in children born after stillborn?

There is no evidence that physical and mental health of children born after stillborn, are at greater risk than the health of children whose mothers did not lose a child. This was stated by scientists from the University of London, England. However, they confirmed the existence of certain problems in the relations of the mother […]

The child needs to be wanted

Therefore, if a 17-year-old girl feels its readiness to become a mother, if she is able to take responsibility for his destiny, no one can deny her that. In comparison to previous generations, today’s young people much earlier reaches maturity in all respects.

Psychological causes of infertility

Doctors have long known that strong emotions are able to disrupt the reproductive system up to its full “stop”. There are even phenomena such as the temporary cessation of menstruation during military operations, stressful ovarian dysfunction, psychogenic infertility. So life under constant pressure may indeed lead to the fact that the woman cannot become pregnant.

Focus China: the education of a second child — “sweet burden” of motherhood in China

In 2016, China abolished the policy of “one family, one child”, many Chinese women decided to have a second child. However, many of them realized that the education of the second child turns into the “sweet burden” as with the birth of the second child, they face a number of challenges in the field of […]

Commerce or help childless: a regulated surrogacy

Somewhere staff members conducting such operations, the jail, and where the citizenship of the surrogate mother gives the child the right to obtain a passport of another country