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TV makes kids fat and naughty

To seat the child in front of the TV is very easy and convenient way for parents to get rid of his child for a while. But do not forget about the dangers facing children, conducting too much time in front of the “box”. Researchers from the US found that children who are allowed to […]

Saved from food poisoning while breastfeeding

During breastfeeding the majority of women adhere to a diet but occasionally indulge in foods that are not strong allergens. Here in this hidden pitfall. Digestive system mothers who chose breastfeeding, already so estranged from the prohibited food that he considers it unsuitable.

Swaddling a newborn

Listening to all the advice, young parents, with all my heart wishing the best for their child, refuse from the cradle. Buy them no more than 10 pieces and used as a bed sheet, put the pesky grandmothers who are all the time trying to diaper the baby that swaddling newborns forever obsolete. A grandmother’s […]

Care for the newborn and infant (advice to parents)

In the care of the child, it is first necessary to observe cleanliness. The net must be a child, his linen, bedding, dishes, toys. You need to carefully clean the room where the child is. This is because around us – the air we breathe, the dust rising from the ground, not boiled water, on […]