Care for the newborn and infant (advice to parents)

In the care of the child, it is first necessary to observe cleanliness. The net must be a child, his linen, bedding, dishes, toys. You need to carefully clean the room where the child is.

This is because around us – the air we breathe, the dust rising from the ground, not boiled water, on all objects, which we use, is a huge number of microbes.

Many types of microbes entering the human body, cause various, often very severe infectious diseases. Small children are particularly susceptible to such diseases.

In the body of a small child they can enter through tiny abrasions in its delicate thin skin, through the mouth with food, pacifiers, poorly washed dishes, toys, which the child pulls in a mouth with linen.

During breathing, especially when coughing and sneezing, adults and older children around the child, together with minute droplets of mucus and saliva secrete large amounts of microbes that the child if inhaled may cause different diseases. The same happens when the surrounding and even the mother kissing baby in the face, on the lips.

Therefore, it is necessary to prevent dust, do not allow strangers close to lean over the child, breathing on him, kissing him.

The cause of the infection can often be dirty hands. We must always remember this and not to let any of the family members took the child in his arms, played with him, fed him, not washing hands, came to him in a dusty, dirty clothes.

The mother is the most frequent and closest contact with the child. So she must be especially careful to monitor the purity of his body and clothing.

Before you approach the child or take it, the mother should wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Fingernails have short shaved. Regularly take shower and change underwear. The nipples should put clean boiled cloth the size of a handkerchief and change them daily. In addition, before every feeding necessarily need to wash the nipple with warm boiled water to protect from diseases of the mammary gland and to prevent the germs in the baby’s mouth when feeding.

A major role in the spread of germs play flies. The child, taking into his mouth a dirty subject, can get sick with various intestinal diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to fight with the flies, do not let them fly at home, make mesh on the Windows or hang them with gauze.

How to clean the room in which the child lives

We already know how important it is to keep clean home and why must be protected from dust, smoke, harmful fumes, the air that we breathe a child.

The room to live a mother with a newborn, you should put in order in advance. Extra items should be taken out of the room. You need to prepare the area child’s cot, bed, locker or shelf for baby clothes and care items.

For the area where it is placed a bed, a table on which it is swaddled Cabinet or shelf where it is stored linen, care items, toys, placing the lightest part of the room.

The room should be every day wet cleaning, and the furniture wiped with a damp cloth.

The Windows in the summer time must be tightened with a special mosquito net.

In the room, where possible, should not be too much furniture, the less cluttered the room, the more air and less dust.

To the room got more sunlight, it is not necessary to curtain the Windows with thick curtains.

It’s important to regularly ventilate the room. In cold weather the window should be open every 3-4 hours for 10-15 minutes.

Items child care

To care for the child, you should always have the following items: cotton wool, sterile bandage, a solution of potassium permanganate, baby powder or a special oil for lubrication of the skin folds (boiled vegetable oil is boiled in a clean bottle), a glass, a teaspoon, baby soap, a clean comb, scissors, water thermometer, thermometer for measuring body temperature, rubber bulb, rubber bottle.

Care items should be covered with clean cloth and stored on a special shelf in the closet or in a designated area.

To make it easier to use the cotton part of it should be divided carefully washed hands into small lumps the size of a walnut, put them into boiled clean and dried glass jar and cover it with a clean saucer.

Washing of the child

In the morning before feeding is necessary with a piece of cotton wool to wash baby’s face with boiled room temperature water and carefully dry with a clean cloth or handkerchief. Wash face with baby you can and a clean hand. If the child fester eyes, they should be separately wash with boric acid solution (1/2 teaspoon per Cup of warm boiled water) or potassium permanganate (1-2 drops of strong solution of potassium permanganate diluted in boiling water until a pale pink color). Lavage should be done with clean pieces of cotton wool in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the nose. For each eye, take a separate piece of cotton wool. First washed the healthy eye, then the patient. Dry eyes dry, separate for each eye with pieces of cotton wool.

If in the face of slime and crusts are formed, it becomes difficult to breathe. He snorts, and can’t suck, is restless, can’t sleep. To unclog a child’s nose, you need to drip one drop in each nostril boiled vegetable oils; in a few minutes the crusts are softened and can be easily removed with a cotton flagellum soaked in vegetable oil.

Be very careful to wash the ear of the child to not pour water into the ear canal. If the auditory canal in a child accumulates a lot of sulfur, it is necessary carefully with a cotton flagellum to clean it. But shove the flagellum should not, in order not to damage the delicate shell of the ear canal.

Do not wipe the child’s mouth, as this can damage the delicate mucous membrane of the mouth and to expose him to any germs.

In addition to washing face and hands, you need every morning to wash away the child, i.e. wash with warm water the skin folds in the groin, genitals and buttocks. Better to do it under running water. To wash away the child need clean hand, water pouring from front to back, so as not to contaminate the sex organs of the child particles of faeces. Then you need to gently wipe his body with a soft towel or sheet, inspect, lubricate with vaseline or boiled vegetable oil (or sprinkle talcum powder) all the folds on the body – on the neck, behind the ears, armpits, groin, between the buttocks. To wash away the child need during the day, every time he emmaretta.

Once a week should be cut to the child nails that it is not scratched. It is advisable to purchase for that special little scissors. Before use wash them in hot water with soap and wipe with a clean towel.

Sometimes the mind of a child accumulates dandruff, and crusts are formed. They disturb the child, he itching, may develop eczema. Scabs and dandruff, you need to remove. For this 2-3 hours before bathing the baby’s head is thickly smeared with vaseline or sunflower oil. After bathing, gently stesyvajut dandruff and crusts comb.

Comb the child must be separate. Before use it is necessary to wash with hot water with soap, wipe dry with a clean towel and comb on comb some wool. After eating the wool off; with it removed and shasanne crust.


First time bathe newborn a day after the healing of the umbilical wound with the permission of the doctor or midwife.

To 6 months you need to bathe baby daily and after 6 months you can bathe in a day. In the room where bathing the child, should be warm enough but not too hot (20 – 22 gr.).

For your child you need to have a tray or trough. This tray cannot be used for washing clothes or for bathing older children. Before bathing bath wash hot water with soap with a brush or sponge, and then rinse with boiling water. To measure the temperature of water need to buy in a drugstore water thermometer.

Water for bathing a newborn have to be of good quality and have a temperature of 37 ° C. At 2 months of age the baby wash water temperature 36гр. Sometimes, if a child has a body rash appears or there is no way to boil water for bathing, the doctor recommends the child to do the manganese bath. To do this, first prepare in the bottle or in a glass of a strong solution of potassium permanganate, and then add it to the water made for swimming, to obtain a pink color. Be sure that the water does not hit the undissolved crystals.

Water in the bath pour enough to cover the whole body of the child. In addition, prepare in advance a pitcher of water at the same temperature for pouring. Before bathing the baby needs to cook a flannelette blanket, oil cloth, diaper, Onesie, and then a big diaper or cloth for drying his body after bathing.

For very young children – under the age of 4 to 6 weeks – all of these items need to warm heating pad or near the warm battery. You may also have boiled and sunflower oil to lubricate the folds of the body. Therefore, it must be prepared in advance.

Prepared everything for bathing, the mother carefully washes his hands with soap and water, and then stripped the child, gently lowers him into the water, keeping the left hand under the occiput and under.

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