Breastfeeding is sweeping the planet

Mother’s milk contributes to the harmonious development of the baby, providing the body a complete vitamin-mineral complex protects against pathogenic substances, forming and strengthening the immune system. Finally, thanks to the breastfeeding mother and child strengthen the invisible bond with each other. And non-verbal and tactile communication is very important for baby at this stage of development.

“Milk” of the war

In essence, the benefit of breast-feeding in our time no one questioned and is not intended. However, the increase of mothers feeding their children breast milk, is not as fast as we would like. Who recommends to maintain breast feeding for at least 6 months. Many mothers and this is confirmed by the statistics, complete the HS much earlier, or even with the birth of the child using artificial mixtures. Different reasons make women to abandon breastfeeding. Conditionally they can be divided into physical (lack of milk, the need for treatment of women with antibiotics, etc.) and psychological (the unwillingness to spoil the shape of the breast to spend time on establishing and maintaining lactation, etc.) failure.

The first factor is quite understandable. There are times when with all the desire a woman can not feed breast milk her baby. In ancient times, this problem was solved nurse. To have it in your submission, basically, was the privilege of the rich nobility. For example, a healthy nurse was worth its weight in gold. As a rule, looked for it from the peasants. And own babies to her to feed was banned, breast milk, she had to give the manor a newborn.

It is believed that the first artificial mixture appeared in 1867. In it consisted of dry milk, powdered sugar, starch and wheat flour. Initially, the mixture became a salvation for many young mothers who have had problems with lactation. Soon, however, the product has become popular among mothers who just didn’t want to feed the baby. Since that moment began the “cold war” supporters of artificial and natural feeding. Some represent the interests of business and trade, other nature and health.

Breastfeeding we

In France, breastfeeding is dominated by very long – up to 50-ies of the last century. Many historians attribute this fact to the low standard of living of the population. In the middle of the last century are artificial mixtures, which sharply gaining the loyalty of the consumer.

In our days the government actively supports the philosophy of breastfeeding. But, of course, the final choice depends on the decisions of women. There were many public organizations which bring together women who prefer to breast feed. Recently, by the way, in the Nizhniy Novgorod region there was a scandal in our town. In celebration of world breastfeeding week, young mums were asked to organize a mass public breast-feeding. The public reaction resulted in a storm of indignation and protests.

Breastfeeding they

Leaders in breastfeeding are considered to be Sweden and Finland. Statistics show that more than 95% of Swedish women feeding their children breast.

A few decades ago in America and Europe, breastfeeding was common enough weak. The situation with breastfeeding in the United States has long been deplorable. To breastfeed the baby was considered very unfashionable.

Aggressive advertising of manufacturers of artificial formulas have done their dirty deed and almost survived breastfeeding from the culture of motherhood. Soon, however, the “lazy” moms started to reap the rewards. Flatulence, and infant colic, the rise of food allergies, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – all the result of excessively early large-scale penetration of artificial feeding in the diet of the newborn.

These factors played a crucial role in the promotion of breastfeeding. Now in the country trying to resurrect breastfeeding. In the United States have become very popular lactation consultants. Young mothers actively use their services. In class they talk about how to establish and maintain lactation, what kind of diet should follow the lactating mothers how to revive the vanishing volumes of milk, etc. In 1956 was founded La Leche League, an international public organization to support breastfeeding. This private secular organization has grown and has offices around the world.

Promote breastfeeding promote public persona, which are a role model to many fans and not ashamed to say that they feed their babies. Angelina Jolie, Halle berry, Christina Aguilera, Pink and many other famous women are not afraid to spoil the shape of the bust and breastfed children on their own. In fact, they make breastfeeding fashionable.

In Germany in the 70-ies of the last century, breastfeeding is almost completely “extinct.” It is known that when a group of scientists of the Institute of child nutrition in Dortmund has announced the recruitment of mothers of babies iskusstvennomu and children who were breastfed for scientific research, they could find only in advance by contacting the clinic in Herdecke. The researchers persuaded the women to take part in a scientific experiment and feed newborns breast milk.

Today, however, in Germany as in the USA, breast feeding is actively promoted and supported, including at the state level. There are entire alliances of midwives and professionals on breastfeeding. Since 1997 women in the hospital issued a special memo on natural feeding. In Germany there is the mission of La Leche League, which organises regular meetings of interested in breast-feeding women.

The worst thing about this issue is the situation in the UK. Until 2009 the country was forbidden to breast-feeding in a public place, it could lead to a serious penalty of a fine. According to statistics, about 45% of modern Englishwomen fed infants up to 2 months of life. Justified it by the fact that 90% of the salary is saved for a young mother for only 6 weeks, so many women are forced to go to work.

However, it seems that very soon breastfeeding popularity will break all existing ratings. Recently became a mom of Kate Middleton who is an example for many of the British, stated that she intends to feed Prince George Alexander Louis. The Duchess of Cambridge called not only the secular ladies and style icon, but also the embodiment of maternal affection and care.

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