Asperger’s does not allow children to sleep

It is not always possible to freely normalize the child’s sleep. The results of a new study indicate that children with a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome, suffer from a lack of healthy sleep even more than others.

Asperger’s syndrome is one of the forms of common disorders of child development, sometimes considered a form of autism in which you saved the ability to function. These children have a normal level of intellectual development, however, may suffer from impossibility of performance of the functions of social communication, etc.

According to the results of a new study, children with Asperger’s syndrome are more prone to sleep problems than healthy children. The children can’t sleep during the night, which leads to various destabilizing factors, experts say.

The study involved eight children with Asperger’s syndrome, 10 patients suffering from autism, and 12 healthy children. According to the findings, 50% of children with Asperger’s syndrome go to bed with great reluctance, 75% can’t sleep without the TV or the subdued light of the room, 87% fell asleep with great difficulty and 75% of children sweat a lot during sleep, which also violates rest.

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