Are there problems in children born after stillborn?

There is no evidence that physical and mental health of children born after stillborn, are at greater risk than the health of children whose mothers did not lose a child. This was stated by scientists from the University of London, England. However, they confirmed the existence of certain problems in the relations of the mother with the child. The results were published in the journal of child psychology and psychiatry.

The birth of a dead child is a strong psychological trauma for the parents. Previously it was thought that children who were born after stillborn brothers or sisters, may have psychological problems. British researchers conducted the first of its kind study to test this hypothesis. 52 women participants of the first experiment was born a dead child, and 51 of these problems was not. For their American-born children was observed when they were 6-8 years old.

The researchers came to the conclusion that there is no difference between mental and physical development of children from both groups. However, mothers from the first group reported difficulties that were their children. For example, they noted that their children it is difficult to agree with their peers. Also, these mothers treated their children with high criticism. “We found that mothers who had lost a previous child, have found more problems in their children than their teachers, and mothers, not lost children. Unfortunate is that experience makes a mother to be more sensitive to the problems of children’s behaviour that causes concern, or do children behave differently is not yet clear,” – said study author Dr. Penelope Turton (Penelope Turton) from the University of London.

Scientists continue to observe the mothers and their children, will hold a new poll, and when kids reach adolescence. “Our research is important because will help midwives and doctors to provide adequate psychological assistance to parents who have a dead child, and women who gave birth after this a healthy child. Usually the mountain begins to erode after a year or two, but some mothers continue to suffer longer, and we should know about all long-term effects,” concluded Dr. Turton.

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