How to avoid mistakes when choosing a breast pump?

The problem of breast pump most moms face is still in the hospital: the milk arrives, the chest is full, painful, swollen, fever. To avoid mastitis and lactostasis will help expressing milk. However, pumping milk using hand – quite time-consuming and painful process, which many refuse. There are many reasons why manual pumping goes by the wayside and before nursing mom there is a question of purchase of the pump. Than to guide his choice?

To consider the recommendations of doctors or to listen to the opinions of friends? What kind of pump will provide the most effective and painless pumping milk?

What to look for when choosing a breast pump?

Modern devices for expressing milk must meet the following criteria: easily and quickly assembled and sterilized, as not to injure the Breasts of a woman, to be of high quality and easy to use. The market offers a wide range from inexpensive manual breast pump electronic breastpump to the modern generation of type Medelа Swing. Very popular mechanical breast pumps that are easy to use and relatively inexpensive cost.

Select manual breast pump

The cheapest price attachments for breast pump – breast pump with rubber bulb glass or vacuum-suction helped at first, not one a nursing mother. However, it is quite simple to use devices have a number of disadvantages: they are not suitable for collecting milk for feeding, can not be fully sterilized, ill pump my milk, with regular use can lead to the appearance of cracks on the nipples. Consumer reviews leave much to be desired. Especially a lot of complaints about the breast pump called the Baby: “my Baby breast Pump to Express milk failed. A few years ago bought at the pharmacy the same, but from another manufacturer and it worked. Tried Philips AVENT did a great job. Here’s a cheap device!”.

Philips Avent
About manual breast pump Philips Avent (UK) on the Internet a lot of good reviews. This device is for pumping allows you to collect breast milk in sterile conditions into bottles and keep refrigerated until the next feeding. The kit includes a bottle; a container for a sterile nipple c baby pacifier for newborn, silicone cover cap.

Medela Manual Breast Pump
More expensive but effective device used for manual pumping (you can hold with one hand) mimicking the natural cycle of the sucking child – piston breast pump Medela Manual Breast Pump (Switzerland). The device is easy to assemble and can be sterilized, can be transformed into electric breastpump Mini Electric. Mother of 7-month-old toddler shares his experience of using this breast pump: “Easy to use and really pumping now! But there are little flaws. When boiling nozzles, they can become deformed, which will cause pain during pumping. And another thing: on the handle there is a thin rubber sealing valve which performs the function of sealing. When removing the valve arm may be lost. Without it the pump will not work”.

The experience of using the breast pump Philips AVENT or Medela Manual Breast Pump: for trouble-free breast from which the milk comes easily, and need to Express regularly and often is more suitable Medela. For the chest and painful problem with the seals and blockages can advise breast pump Avent.

Proved a mechanical breast pump Tommee Tippee (UK). Among the disadvantages – lack of massaging device “petals”, no lid covering the funnel of the breast pump in between pumping and the inability to use a “foreign” bottle, since the thread is only suitable for Tommee Tippee bottles.

Medela Harmony
Opinions were divided regarding mechanical breast pump Medela Harmony, which is based on the two-phase technology (2-Phase Expression). Some praise the device for a small number of components, which significantly reduce the probability of exit by any of them down. Others complain about the high price of the device, no massaging petals, as well as the fact that during pumping, tired arm.

Gamma, GM-2
Breast pump a mechanical pump Gamma, GM-2 (Germany) from other breastpump features: 360 degrees rotatable handle for convenient regulation of the suction power and the soft silicone membrane for painless pumping. The kit also includes a soft silicone rubber that makes the handle of the pump to pass air. Here on this ill-fated band most complaints: it is often lost or becomes unusable. As a result, the device becomes useless, it just doesn’t work.

Select electric breast pump

If there is a need for daily pumping, it is better to use an electric breast pump, which will simplify the process of pumping.

Of electric breast pumps are widely advertised model Medela Mini Electric (Switzerland). The device has a speed controller. A big plus – Medelа Mini Electric gives freedom to the hands, however there is a minus – at work, he creates a lot of noise.
The latest model of electric breast pumps Medela – Swing Medelа created based on a revolutionary two-phase pumping technology. Pros – the presence of silicone tips for small Breasts; the suction occurs with the power adjustment. Among the disadvantages – high cost of the device. Buying an electric breast pump, keep in mind that it operates from an electric network 220V or from normal AA batteries.

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