Saved from food poisoning while breastfeeding

During breastfeeding the majority of women adhere to a diet but occasionally indulge in foods that are not strong allergens. Here in this hidden pitfall. Digestive system mothers who chose breastfeeding, already so estranged from the prohibited food that he considers it unsuitable.

In my case it happened with raw almond nuts. Justifying himself nearly six months of strict diet, I allowed myself to chew 5-6 pieces, enjoying the long-forgotten taste. And literally 30 minutes later I caught myself on thoughts that feel the same way as in the first trimester of pregnancy, when morning sickness reigned.

Tried to find salvation on the Internet. However, the request to the search engine “food poisoning while breastfeeding” found a lot of conflicting information. Some sources recommended at the time of liquidation of the consequences of food poisoning to abandon feeding breastmilk and put the baby on the mixture. Others advised not to interrupt feeding because the baby has already received a proportion of toxic substances. And now the task of mothers with antibodies that are in breast milk, help the child to restore his digestive system.

As the weakness increased with every minute, it was necessary to take a prompt decision. And given the fact that in the process of finding relevant information on food poisoning with breastfeeding issues is more than shoveling gigabytes with opinions and recommendations did as told Maska intuition.

The amazing thing is – when you probably don’t know how to act, but intuitively doing exactly what you should bring to the child benefit. In order not to poison the crumbs, since the previous feeding was before the ill-fated almond nuts, decided to increase the interval between feedings. And, just in case, gave the child to drink water from a bottle. This lesson is one of the favorite. At least there was no need to take your baby for some time, during which I had time to flush itself of toxins.

First and foremost swallowed the activated coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight. This drug always saved me was hoping that this time will not fail. Through the force, but still had a few liters of warm boiled water. To secure the disinfection did a very light solution of manganese and drank also. Found in the kitchen bins a bottle of Apple cider vinegar, cooked the easiest solution in a proportion of 0.5 teaspoon of vinegar in 2 quarts of warm water and drank also.

The flow of cleansing water did the trick. Time after time the washing was returned to power. Certainly to destroy the cause of the illness, prepared lemon liquid squeezed into boiled water with fresh lemon.

While I eliminated the remnants of toxins in your body, it’s feeding time. Child already several times hinted that it would be nice to have lunch. However, I decided to increase the interval that the baby was not injured due to the fact that his mother was seduced by the ill-fated nuts. And again drank and drank warm water.

How many liters of fluid I drank that day now and remember. When I caught myself thinking that I want to lie down and sleep, immediately looked at the child, who, forgetting about hunger, fun rattle pounded on the tumbler. And re-boiled the kettle.

In the end, the interval between feedings three hours increased by about half an hour. When I was able to confidently stand on my feet and stopped every 10-15 minutes to rush to the bathroom, the child received a long-awaited milk.

Judging from what’s happened after a while, I think I made the right decision. First, go infant formula to the store alone, I couldn’t but help to ask there was nobody. However, even with the transition assistants to the mixture in our case was not the best way to feed the child, as the sole food from birth is just breast milk. Sure that drinking warm water in the ocean almost scale – the best way to pull toxins from the body.

My way to get to normal after food poisoning while breastfeeding not intended to be a recommendation, which must be followed. Each case is individual. However, if you suddenly be offended by a product which your body will reject, try, use the checked helpers such as activated charcoal, Apple cider vinegar, lemon and lots of water. But better still not to get sick.

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