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Commerce or help childless: a regulated surrogacy

Somewhere staff members conducting such operations, the jail, and where the citizenship of the surrogate mother gives the child the right to obtain a passport of another country

Breastfeeding is sweeping the planet

Mother’s milk contributes to the harmonious development of the baby, providing the body a complete vitamin-mineral complex protects against pathogenic substances, forming and strengthening the immune system. Finally, thanks to the breastfeeding mother and child strengthen the invisible bond with each other. And non-verbal and tactile communication is very important for baby at this stage […]

How to avoid mistakes when choosing a breast pump?

The problem of breast pump most moms face is still in the hospital: the milk arrives, the chest is full, painful, swollen, fever. To avoid mastitis and lactostasis will help expressing milk. However, pumping milk using hand – quite time-consuming and painful process, which many refuse. There are many reasons why manual pumping goes by […]