10 popular drugs that reduce libido

Many of us have heard about drugs like viagra, which should strengthen the sexual attraction. But often we regularly take medication that adversely affect our libido, and not aware of it.

1. Selective inhibitors of serotonin reuptake

The most common type of antidepressants. It is known that depression is a real “killer” of the libido, but some antidepressants, like prozac and zoloft, to cope with this task not worse. Therefore, you should look for more gentle alternatives.

2. Tricyclic antidepressants

They appeared only in the 1990s, therefore, are not spread enough. But drugs such as elavil, can be prescribed by doctors more often, because they treat not only depression but nerve pain. You can switch to other medications or reduce the dose. Naturally, this is done only in consultation with your doctor.

3. Oral contraceptives

They can lower libido by reducing the number of sex hormones, including testosterone. Are a good alternative to hormonal contraceptives.

4. Proscar

A popular treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia. We recommend to think about transurethral resection of the prostate – a great alternative to drugs.

5. Propecia

Drug from the group of antiandrogens are widely used to combat baldness. The most common side effect – decreased libido (sometimes irreversible). Try another effective cure for baldness Rogaine*.

6. Antihistamines

Used to treat allergies, also sometimes adversely affect sexual life. However, their effect lasts on average 8-10 hours, so take them way before the expected sexual intercourse, and all will be well.

7. Antiepileptic drugs

Break the passage of impulses through the nerve cells, which prevents the seizures. But the orgasm in its mechanics, very similar to a seizure, so the medication interfere with him. You must carefully choose the alternatives with your doctor.

8. Opioids

Effective means to relieve the acute pain that causes, alas, addictive and decreased libido. Men taking opioids will help testosterone therapy to raise the libido.

9. Beta-blockers

Excellent tool for the prevention of heart disease, in rare cases, adversely affect sexual life. Choice beta-blockers are huge, so one drug can be replaced by another.

10. Benzodiazepines

Xanax and similar sedatives can lower sexual desire. However, they often accept people in this state, when they don’t think about sex. And when the alarm fails to shoot down the drugs ends.

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