10 foods to improve sex

Since time immemorial people from the variety of food was provided for some products, the use of which has contributed to increasing fertility and sexual appetite. This effect also gives cialis. Now they make up a group called “aphrodisiacs” which comes from the name of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. To this category of “love foods” are products of specific taste, smell or shape. The latter was among the stimulants, due to the fact that they resemble the human genitals. There is a great debate about the effectiveness of these aphrodisiacs. Sexologist Mahendra Vatsa says, “it is Unknown how effective are they in enhancing libido, but they are certainly able to excite a man.” However, there is a list of products with certain natural substances in the composition, the effectiveness of which in terms of increased desire is not in doubt.

1. Wine

By itself, drinking wine is an erotic and seductive process. It helps to get rid of lethargy and to feel a little more confident. Port wine (fortified wine originally from Portugal) is the most powerful aphrodisiac. And wine increase not only male but also female libido. But here the most important thing is not to overdo it – excess sedative properties of alcohol may sedate you before it comes to sex.

2. Bananas

This fruit made the list not only because of its phallic shape but also due to its numerous beneficial properties. Bananas contains large amounts of vitamins A, B, C, and potassium. Vitamin B and potassium are known to increase the production of sexual hormones in the body. Bananas also contain bromelain which increases the testosterone levels. And the high sugar content gives energy, which helps to prolong sexual intercourse.

3. Oysters

When the oyster is opened, its cut reminiscent of female genitalia. And scientific reason that the clams were in the list of aphrodisiacs is a high content of zinc. This element is necessary for testosterone production, the lack of which can lead to impotence.

Rumor has it that Casanova used to eat 50 oysters a day, but we heard a lot about the sexual results of his diet.

4. Garlic

The chemical compound allicin, produced by the mechanical destruction of the cells of garlic improves the circulation of blood. So if there are a sufficient number of plants, the blood will flow to the groin and you will not have any problems with erection.

5. Avocado

In form the fruit resembles a female figure, and when hanging on the tree – the male testicles. Because of this, the Aztecs called the plant aiscobam tree, and from this, by the way, comes the name “avocado”.

The product is a rich source of beta-carotene, magnesium, vitamin E, potassium and proteins – all of this is good for sexual appetite.

6. Fig (Fig)

This fruit since ancient times been associated with fertility. Figs contain vitamin a, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese and potassium. This vitamin cocktail copes with sexual impotence. No wonder it was the favorite fruit of Cleopatra.

7. Asparagus

In the XIX century in France the grooms, the day before the wedding were not given to eat anything except asparagus. It is rich in potassium, vitamins B6, A, C, thiamin, and folic acid, which increases the production of histamine. This active ingredient helps to both men and women to achieve orgasm. Folic acid is also effective in reducing birth defects, so asparagus is especially useful for pregnant women.

8. Chocolate

No wonder chocolate is called “food of the gods” – it has always been associated with sensuality and love. Phenylethylamine and serotonin, which are present in chocolate, is in our brain – these neurotransmitters increase energy levels and increase anxiety. That’s why when we eat chocolate, we have significantly lifted the mood.

9. Celery

What’s that, and the celery is not always immediately comes to mind when we think about sex. Celery contains Androsterone – a hormone released through sweat from the men and women of which are excited.

10. Almonds

This is the main source of essential fatty acids. They give the male body the “raw material” for the production of hormones. In addition, it is believed that the smell of almonds arouses passion in women.

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