10 foods to improve sex

Since time immemorial people from the variety of food was provided for some products, the use of which has contributed to increasing fertility and sexual appetite. This effect also gives cialis. Now they make up a group called “aphrodisiacs” which comes from the name of the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite. To this category of “love foods” are products of specific taste, smell or shape. (more…)

10 popular drugs that reduce libido

Many of us have heard about drugs like viagra, which should strengthen the sexual attraction. But often we regularly take medication that adversely affect our libido, and not aware of it. (more…)

Who threatens summer impotence

In August, believed to be a sexual relationship of couples in force immediately many circumstances gain a second wind. Helps him cialis. But be careful! Experts warn that sex in this time of year can be fraught with trouble, especially for men. (more…)

More than 200 million of the world’s children do not receive necessary medical care

International charitable organization “Save the Children” reported that more than 200 million children under 5 years do not receive the necessary medical care. The study included children from 55 developing countries, where every year the infant mortality rate reaches 83% of child mortality around the world. In the Philippines, only 69% of children receive necessary medical care when they need it, with the Philippines, followed by Peru and South Africa. In last place is Ethiopia, where medical care can receive only 16% of children. (more…)

Parents with mental disabilities children more autism

Researchers have found a link between autism in children and mental illness in their parents. They suggest that among these parents are twice as likely to meet mentally ill children. Researchers from the University of North Carolina, USA, were examined 30,000 children and found that the likelihood of autism in children is much greater if their parents suffer from schizophrenia, suffer from depression or other mental disorders. (more…)

How to feed a baby on demand or by time

Regular short breast-feeding is best for baby, according to British researchers. The who recommends every child up to 6 months be fed milk on demand, but only 1 out of 4 women in Britain adopted that recommendation. (more…)

Impotence cream instead of “blue” tablets

British man suffering from “delicate” health disorder, will be the first who will be able to solve the problem of impotence with the help of new tools, reports http://medfr.com/acheter-kamagra-en-France.html. Special cream causes erection within 5 minutes after application.

When the initial enthusiasm about oral medications that restore the ability of men to have an erection, it turned out that they do not help everyone and also have side effects.
Scientists from leading pharmaceutical companies in USA and Europe almost simultaneously realized that the solution was to create the means for local application, because it will dramatically reduce the manifestation of side effects. (more…)

How to raise the smartest child?

Mental development of the child depends largely on the ability of a parent or caregiver. So, with the right approach you can ensure that your child will be the smartest in the class, and will exercise your mental skills at a high level. (more…)

Allergy causing harm to children, even during sleep

According to a recent study, Allergy has a negative impact on the child not only during the day. The researchers showed that during sleep is also observed the effect of allergic reactions in the body of the child. (more…)

If the parents smoke, the child will suffer from allergies

How passive Smoking can affect the health of your baby? Scientists say that, living in the family Smoking parents, the child is in danger of showing signs of Allergy, which may worsen in the future. (more…)